Online micro business ideas

Online microbusiness ideas

Online freelancing – If you have an expert skill that you dabble in on the side, like copywriting or graphic design, offer out your time as a freelancer. You can make things easy by signing up somewhere like PeoplePerHour — creating a profile is free and takes moments

Virtual assistant – providing professional assistance and general admin tasks from the comfort of your home can be a great side hustle

Blogger – Join the blogging revolution and start your own blog (they’re easy to monetise down the line with ads or sponsored posts)

Tutoring – Tutor kids for exams, teach a language or offer adult tutoring if you are an expert in a certain area like computing. You can even tutor online using Skype

Writing – Become a freelance writer and earn extra cash in your free time — there are loads of sites you can sign up to like Upwork

Affiliate marketing – Become an affiliate and get rewards for every click or sale you make on your website for affiliated brands

Social media posting – Many businesses want to outsource some of their social media management. Could you offer out your services as a part-time social media manager?

Forum moderator – Big online forums are always looking for people to help moderate and organise content

Translator – If you are lucky enough to speak another language, become a translator in your spare time (it pays really well, and you can easily do this online)

Vlogger – Slightly harder to monetise, but if you’ve got a great idea for a YouTube channel and you attract a large subscriber base, you could soon start generating income from the sponsored ads that show up on your videos.

Expert consultant – provide expert advice to others on something they struggle with. Think outside the box and don’t just settle for a generic ‘business consultant’ brand; what about relationship or happiness consultant? What can you offer out to people that has genuine value? What do you excel at?

Proofreader – There will always be a need for proofreaders: set up a service to check people’s essays and other content. You reading and language skills do need to be top-notch.